Utilizing ColorSchemes and creating my own


I’m trying to get a basic design of my application up and running. And I would like to change some colors. Right now everything is orange, but I’d like to create my own ColorScheme to use on a wide range of applications.

How would I go forward doing this?

Also, how can I say that my application should use another ColorScheme?

There are several built-in color schemes for the default theme in fuse.

    <Fuse.BasicTheme.BasicTheme ColorScheme="Red" />

The codecompleter should show you all the available ones. If you want to create your own color scheme for the BasicTheme you must do that by providing your own colors as Resources with the appropriate resource keys.

Have a look at the Fuse.BasicTheme package and then I think how to do this should become apparent. Just ask if you have any further questions regarding theming.

Nice! :slight_smile:

Where is actually the package located? Couln’t seem to find it.