Using Uno.Net.Sockets to device on private wifi


I’m trying to connect to a device via Wifi that has a private IP address. I only get connection refused or timeout from Uno.Net.Sockets. Is there a way to specify which network adapter to use?


Hi Bjørn,

connect from what, a Fuse app? I reckon the socket connection would get established over whatever interface the device you’re running on decided to use automatically. Perhaps it runs some ARP calls to check the routing tables and figure out a gateway / interface and such. I can’t imagine why or how Fuse socket implementation would interfere with that. Frankly, I’d expect it all to “just work”.

Perhaps you have some more pointers that could help troubleshoot the issue? Say, check if you can telnet the the IP in question on a particular port from a computer on the network, maybe launch a fetch call from Fuse JS etc.