Uno.Geometry.Distance.RayPoint wants Uno.Geometry.Ray which doesn't exists

1.1.0 update changed Uno.Geometry.Ray to Fuse.Ray, but Uno.Geometry.Distance.RayPoint still wants Uno.Geometry.Ray as argument.

I use it to allow clicking on custom Uno renders.

var CursorRay = Viewport.PointToWorldRay(args.WindowPoint);

var dist = Uno.Geometry.Distance.RayPoint(CursorRay, center);

I’m on Windows and using Fuse 1.1.1

This is because I’m using and it uses the old Uno.Geometry.Ray

Blah, the issue is other way around I think. Here’s the error message:

E3128: Call to ‘Uno.Geometry.Distance.RayPoint(Uno.Geometry.Ray,float3)’ has some invalid arguments (Fuse.Ray,float3)

Cannot find any documentation about Uno.Geometry

Not an ideal solution, but this works:

var CursorRay = Viewport.PointToWorldRay(args.WindowPoint);
var ray = new Uno.Geometry.Ray();
ray.Direction = CursorRay.Direction;
ray.Position = CursorRay.Position;

var dist = Uno.Geometry.Distance.RayPoint(ray, center);

@simo: You might want to have a look at this branch. I should probably finish this stuff up (might already be done, I don’t quite remember the state I left it in) and merge it.

Sorry about breaking things for you. Please let me know if there’s anything else broken for you in this area.

Thanks, no worries, I got my apps working. I’ll include the latest changes after you merge.

@Simo: Cool! I just merged it now :slight_smile: