Unable to change Visibility after "Databinding stability fix"

Hello, I have some trouble after install fuse 0.25.

Before 0.25 when I set AlertWindow.visibility.value = "Visible"; my AlertWindow become visible. And conversely when the alert is visible and I click on the button the window become hidden.

Now no visibility change. The value inside AlertWindow.visibility seems change at right time.


var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');

var visibility = Observable('Hidden');
var title = Observable('ERROR');
var msg = Observable('home');

module.exports = {
	visibility: visibility,
	title: title,
	msg: msg


var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable'); var AlertWindow = require('./AlertWindow.js'); console.log(AlertWindow.visibility.value);
	var visibility = AlertWindow.visibility.map(function(x){
			console.log("test trigger");
			if(x =="Visible"){
				console.log("trigger is visible");
			 return "Visible";
				console.log("trigger is Hidden");
			return "Hidden";

	var title = AlertWindow.title.map(function(x){
			return x;

	var msg = AlertWindow.msg.map(function(x){
			return x;

	function setHidden(){
		AlertWindow.visibility.value = "Hidden";

	module.exports = {
		visibility: visibility,
		title: title,
		msg: msg,
		setHidden: setHidden,

<DataBinding Target="alertWindow.Visibility" Key="visibility"/>

<string ux:Property="Title" />	
<string ux:Property="Msg" />

<SolidColor Color="Black" Opacity="0.5"/>
<Panel Alignment="Center" Width="70%" MinHeight="25%" MaxHeight="80%">
	<Rectangle Layer="Background" Color="White" CornerRadius="5"/>
		<StackPanel Dock="Top">
			<Text Alignment="Center" Margin="10" TextColor="Red" Value="{title}"/>
			<Panel  Height="1" Color="Black" Opacity="0.2"/>
		<Text Dock="Fill" Alignment="Center" TextAlignment="Center" TextWrapping="Wrap" Value="{msg}"/>

		<StackPanel Dock="Bottom">
			<Panel Height="1" Color="Black" Opacity="0.2"/>
			<Button Text="OK" Padding="10" Clicked="{setHidden}" />			

I have found my error.

Don’t forget to put <DataBinding Target="alertWindow.Visibility" Key="visibility"/> inside a <panel>