'Toggle' does not have a property called 'Target'

I’m trying to change the ‘WhileTrue’ of a Rectangle, and I’ve always used the Toggle, but now always the error saying that Target does not exist.

Why is this happening?

<StackPanel ux:Class="FeedbackCard" ItemSpacing="10">
	<Rectangle Width="80" Height="80" Color="#fff" CornerRadius="10">
		<Shadow Size="5" />
		<Image ux:Name="img" Width="50" Color="#00000020" File="{item.image}"  />
			<Scale Target="img" Factor=".8" Duration=".3" Easing="CubicInOut" />
			<Toggle Target="CardChange" />

		<WhileTrue ux:Name="CardChange">
			<Change img.Color="{item.color}" Duration=".3" />
	<Text Alignment="Center" Value="{item.name}"> </Text>