Toggable <Draggrable>

Right now the <Draggable /> tag makes an object draggable but you can’t switch it off unless you wrap it into a <WhileTrue>\<WhileFalse> block or StateGroup State. Since <Draggable /> pretty much means you’re setting it to true, I would suggest you could set it to false too.

<Draggable Value="true" /> and <Draggable Value="false" /> with isDraggable available for checking.


Did you mean to put an IsDraggable property on the Draggable behavior?

Something like this:?

<Draggable IsDraggable="false/true" />

Am i understanding you correctly?

Hi Kristian!

No, I meant that for Javascript, for example var canBeDragged = I guess it could be useful in Uno too but I don’t know C#/Uno.


Sorry for the slow reply.

I made a ticket for something like this, but i can’t make any promises on when it will get attention.