Tinting of some views

So I’ve got this problem where two of my three views are slightly tinted with the clear color of my app.

The layout is like this:

<App Theme="Basic" ClearColor="#3A4158">
        <DockPanel ux:Name="registerPage">
            <!-- Content -->

        <DockPanel ux:Name="loggedIn">
            <!-- Content -->

        <DockPanel ux:Name="loginPage">
            <!-- Content -->

My register page is completely clear and the colors are as they should be. However, my loggedIn and loginPage views are tinted. It’s confusing me as they are all within the same outer dockpanel… :thinking:


Login Page:

Logged In:


It’s the same on devices also.

Looks like the loggedIn and loginPage panels have some backgrounds with an alpha-value of less than 1. Hard to say anything more about it without seeing the actual .ux

Well I had these animations which changed the opacity of those two pages but they were both set back to 1. So I removed that and its fixed the tinting and I’m going to do a different animation. Still not sure why it tinted though.

I suspect there was something off with the animation / state logic which caused it to be non-zero. But again, without code it’s hard to dig into it. :slight_smile: