Timeline does not allow mod of same object twice?

I have this code

 	<Timeline ux:Name="timeline">
 		<Move Target="sp1" Y="-400" Duration="0"  />
    	<Change tvWelcome.Opacity="1" Duration="0.8" Delay="1.5"/>
    	<Move Target="sp1" Y="400" Duration="1" Delay="0.5" Easing="BounceOut" />
    	<Change tvWelcome.Opacity="0" Duration="0.2" Delay="3"/>

But, for some reason the tvWelcome text does not fade to opacity=0, but it does fade in (0–>1) in the second line of the timeline.

What am I missing?

You’ll need to use multiple keyframes on the same change operator in order to do this. You can see how in the examples here and here

Thanks for that. I think that it might be a good idea to update that in the docs and stuff, to make it clearer, cause its not obvious that keyframes is required for such operations =)

I will try it out shortly =)

I’ll make sure the docs are updated. :slight_smile:

FYI: What happens in the case you described is that each animator works until the end of the parent timeline. In other words: they animate to the end of their duration and then hold that value. This means that multiple animators on the same target will give unexpected results.

Thanks for your input, appreciated =)

Actually, that didnt work as expected either. My code:

<Page ux:Class="SplashScreen">
	<StackPanel ux:Name="sp1" X="50%" Y="25%" Anchor="50%,50%">
    	<AlfaPro ux:Name="alfaProIcon"  />
    	<TextView ux:Name="tvWelcome" Value="Welcome to Alfa Pro" Alignment="Center" Opacity="0" TextColor="#fff" />

 	<Timeline ux:Name="timeline">
 		<Move Target="sp1" Y="-400" Duration="0"  />
 		<Change Target="tvWelcome.Opacity" Delay="1.5">
 			<Keyframe Value="1" Time="0.8" />
 			<Keyframe Value="1" Time="1.8" />
 			<Keyframe Value="0" Time="1.8" />
    	<Move Target="sp1" Y="400" Duration="1" Delay="0.5" Easing="BounceOut" />

	    <Change timeline.TargetProgress="1" />
    </WhileActive >


As you can see, I change the opacity of the text to 1 in 0.8 seconds, then I want to wait for 1.8 seconds with opactity 1, then face to opacity 0 in 1.8 seconds.

However, it stops at full opacity. If I remove the second (middle) keyframe, it works (from 0–>1 and then immediately from 1–>0), but now, it seems to stop at the second one.

What am I missing?

Right, so using TimeDelta instead of Time does the trick, but that is not very clear in the docs.

From https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/animations/keyframe I read:

I think maybe it should be reiterated that its absolute times; I missed that from 10 to 15 it takes 0.5 seconds, when I first read it I thought “they have a mis-print here”, but you didnt =)