Theme attribute in <App> error

Hello guys!

I have a difficulty at the time of declaring the theme for my application.
In my project I write the following:

<App Theme="Basic"> <!-- My code --> </App>

In .unoproj I added:

"Packages": [ "Fuse", "FuseJS", "Fuse.Themes" ], ...

The moment will start the preview, shows the following errors:

  • Package Fuse.Themes was not found
  • Package Fuse.ThemeBasic was not found
  • App does not have a property called “Theme”

This attribute is no longer supported in ? Is there any way to get the native controls for each platform (iOS and Android)?

I appreciate the help!

Yea things have changed, so the Theme property no longer exists. To use native just wrap everything you want native with NativeViewHost if you want your whole app as native do:


You can find more information on these changes in the 0.20 migration guide

Thank Reynoso and Pedersen!
This clarifies things for me.
I’ll do the test and anything post here!