Terminate App When user press GoBack btn and there's no history

Terminate App When user press GoBack btn and there’s no history

Hi Mohammed,

I don’t see a question. Anyway…

This: https://github.com/bolav/fuse-homescreen

And this: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/navigation/whilecangoback

:smiley: i’m sorry for not providing more information but that due to i just didn’t know how to explain
i’ll try to explain here more

in some apps user can exit the app by keeping pressing the device GoBack btn and the app exits when there is no more history to browse to and i’m trying to accomplish this using fuse

I hope you understand what i’m trying to do here, i was hoping that there’s some function that can help me do this in fuse

lastly i’ll check the URLs that you provided

anyway … Thanks for your response

Yeah, those links should help you achieve what you’re after.