Table with More columns???

Is it possible to create in Grid.

For Example:

<“table”> <‘tr’> <‘td’>1</‘td’> <‘td’>2</‘td’> <‘td’>3</‘td’> <‘td’>4</‘td’> <‘td’>5</‘td’> <‘td’>6</‘td’> <‘td’>7</‘td’> <‘td’>8</‘td’> <‘td’>9</‘td’> <‘td’>10</‘td’> <‘td’>11</‘td’> <‘td’>12</‘td’> <‘td’>13 <‘td’>More…</‘td’> </‘tr’> </“table”>

You have already asked this question in a different thread, and it’s been answered: - please refrain from starting new threads all the time, as it really pollutes the forum quite a bit, making it hard for us to keep up and also hard for other users to find good answers. :slight_smile: