Syncano Backend not working on iOS preview

Has anyone tried @bolav 's new Syncano backend, I have run into a weird error when running it on my iOS device, it works on the desktop but for some reason i get errors when it occurs in the preview for iOS i haven’t tested it on android but i would assume the same… here what it is printing on the iOS device when i run it.

JavaScript error in syncano-js-1.0.22/dist/syncano.fuse.js line 34806. Unexpected keyword 'const'. Const declarations are not supported in strict mode.

and then it also gives me this other error

JavaScript error in MainView.ux line 10. Syncano is not a function. (In Syncano, Syncano is an instance of Object)

this is based off of:

It works in desktop preview but that’s it, which is weird.

const is a keyword in ES6. I believe that iOS is running ES5, you probably need to use babel to transpile your code to ES5.

Any idea how I would go about that? I’m really new to backend material if you could link me to some place I’d greatly appreciate it

Have a look at, looking at bolavs example I would just add the call to babel in the download script for syncano, then require the output from babel in fuse

Hi thanks for the response and sorry about the delay! I seem to be having trouble doing this, I had manually placed the syncano in the folder from downloading it from github; so any idea how I can do that for babble I can’t seem to figure it out

Please have a look at the babel docs or some example on stackoverflow. I think something like this should do the trick: babel ./syncano-js-1.0.22/dist/syncano.fuse.js --out-file ./generated/syncano.js. And then just require(...) the generated file in Fuse