Struggles with GeoLocation

That’s awesome! Thank you guys!

A pre release version of Fuse 0.26, which has several improvements to geolocation on ios, is now available on if you want to try it.

0.26 feels like Christmas, reading the observables changes :slight_smile:

Definitely going to check it out today!

Oh, forgot to post: location doesn’t crash anymore on ios!

That’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

Subsequent calls to getLocation are not crashing my app anymore, however, using it in conjunction with the MapView still is periodically. This was a secondary thing I reported in my first few initial posts here. My assumption is the listeners in the MapView are conflicting with the listener in the GeoLocation class itself.

Hi, I think I have been able to reproduce the issue your facing and I’m currently working on a bugfix.

I can’t make any hard promises about when this fix will be available, but hopefully it will be in the next prerelease. :slight_smile:

The final 0.26 release available at includes the fix I mentioned in my previous post.

Can you try that one, and see if it it fixes your problem?

I can confirm that my app no longer crashes on iOS when combining GeoLocation.getLocation() calls and the MapView. Nice work!

Hi, good to know your issue is resolved.

Thanks for the bug report. =)

ShowMyLocation, ShowMyLocationButton, ShowCompass are set to “true”, but there is no any overlays on the map (no markers, no button, no compass).
iOS 11.1, Fuse 1.4.0
“Fuse.Maps” and “Fuse.GeoLocation” included into .unoproj

@Alexander: please avoid resurrecting old (especially resolved) threads. If you encounter what you think is a bug, please make a new forum post and share all details there, including a complete, minimal reproduction.

It started to work (partly) somehow - after a few app launches iPhone asked about geo permission. Now my location is shown (but still no button and compass). When I tap a marker (my location), application quits. I did nothing except this:

	var myLocation = GeoLocation.observe("changed");
	GeoLocation.startListening(2000, 10);
	module.exports =
		myLocation: myLocation

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