Strong file / directories support: download, create, delete, rename, list...

As already suggested by other users, I think Fuse should add file & directories support: download, create, delete, rename, list…

I left Phonegap development because of its hard to use file support and the way it changed the support between different Phonegap versions and the unpredictable results between different versions of Android.

To keep cross platform Phonegap uses some ‘placeholders’ that map to physical directories. For example:

cordova.file.dataDirectory is the persistent and private data storage directory within the application’s sandbox

cordova.file.externalDataDirectory is where to put app-specific data files on external storage

etc… (Other details:

so this kind of approach maybe should be considered. What should be not is the really verbose approach of Phonegap and the amount of code needed to make things work which, in my opinion, is unnecessarily complicated.

Fuse should support the main features of file management: download, create, delete, rename a file; create, delete, rename a directory; list files in directory.

I yearn this kind of approach:"[http://my_server/my_picture.jpg&quot](http://my_server/my_picture.jpg&quot););



Elegant, concise, effective.

Thanks for your feedback this is already in our roadmap.