Set property depending on clicked element inside each loop

Can this be done somehow?

<Text Value="{Property self.SelectedOption}" />
<Each Items="{options}">
    <Panel Padding="80,10,0,10">
            <Set self.SelectedOption.Value="{title}" />
        <Text Value="{title}" />

When one of the Panels inside Each loop is clicked, I want to get the title of that clicked element and change the Text element on the top outside the loop. But instead of the title property, I get “{title}” set.

Without JS, can this be done in UX?


For logic like this, it is recommended to use JS.

However, the fact that you got the string {title} instead of the value of the binding sounds like a bug. I’ve filed an issue to get this investigated. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Thanks to you !