SendBird implementation?

Hello! We are trying to implement SendBird chat Javascript into our Fuse application but it does not seem to work since it cannot recognize the SendBird APP_ID provided and doesnt seem to be able to connect. Does Fuse support SendBird chat?

I haven’t seen an use of SendBird with Fuse yet, but that doesnt mean it cant be done :slight_smile:

Fuse isn’t a browser so we don’t support every API that a browser does however we are powered by JavaScriptCore on iOS and V8 everywhere else so we have a solid environment. See here for the browser polyfills we currently provide.

If you are having issues then it usually helps us to see what code you have tried and what logs you are seeing, otherwise it’s a bit difficult to comment on your usage.

However when I wrap 3rd Party libraries I usually use the platform specific libs (via gradle/cocoapods) and interface with them via foreign code.

I hope this helps