ScrollView horizontal auto scroll

Hi guys, i am trying to make app which will be display some text on the botom of the screen, (like in some tv news) how can i autoscroll this text frol right to left, and then when is finish, start it again ?

My code is below :

<ScrollView AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal">
<Text>This is example text of autoscrolling , This is example text of autoscrolling , </Text>

Why my code is invisible ?

Why my code is invisible ?

You have to use markdown in order to format code in your posts. I took the liberty of editing your post to make it visible.

Thanks for that. Any idea how can i solve my problem ?


<Cycle /> is probably what you are after, have a look at this example:

        <Text Value="This is example text of autoscrolling, This is example text of autoscrolling">
            <Translation X="0" ux:Name="_t" RelativeTo="Size" />
            <WhileTrue Value="true">
                <Cycle Target="_t.X" Low="-0.5" High="0" Frequency="0.1" Waveform="Triangle" />

Cool, this is what i am looking for but, when it is on the end its comming back, i want to make to start again from right to left. I think this part of code need to be changed

 ... Waveform="Triangle" />

Some one can explain how it works ?

Hi, and sorry for the late reply. We’ve made some updates to our documentation lately, and you should now be able to learn more about Cycle at