Scroll Position Actions

Trying to figure out how to make actions based on scroll position. In below example shrink the scrollview based on scroll position while within -10 from Start.

<ScrollView ux:Name="Scroll">
<WhileScrolled To="Start" Within="-10">
<Scale Target="Scroll" X="0.95" />

But I want the Scale X to be based on scroll position. Eg, when scrolled 1 X=0.99, when scrolled 2 X=0.98 (within the -10 from start) etc. What is the proper way of picking up scroll position and apply it to the Scale factor in a case like this? Thx

I must confess I don’t really understand the question (or the use case), but I think you’re after something like this instead:

    <ScrollView ux:Name="scroll" Background="#18f">
        <ScrollingAnimation From="0" To="-100">
            <Scale Target="scroll" X="0.5" />

Thx! Exactly what I was looking for.

Sorry for my crap/short explanation, the use case is to shrink the scrollview when scrolling out of bounds (prior to closing it). Goldstar for understanding and delivering.