Saving/Loading Observables

It would be really nice to have built-in way of saving and loading data, specifically observables. Having a lot of data that needs to be saved, and a lot of observables in lists of observables which are in functions which have observables can quickly become exteremly difficult and tedious to convert to “normal” js data structures, JSON.stringify those, save, and then the loading is just even more of a headache.

Even if your data structure is very very slightly complex, it leads to a massive increase in the mess of json data that needs to be saved, and there’s a good chance I’m going about this the wrong way, but as the data structure gets bigger and bigger and more information needs a place to sit, it becomes even more tedious. Debugging any sort of error can take ages too, since the complexity of the data structure makes it hard to find out what went wrong.

I’m not sure how feasible it is, but having some sort of myObservable = save("myObservable"); and myObservable.load("myObservable"); where everything is handled automatically (including nested lists and functions) would be amazing. I understand though that this might not actually make sense to do, but ultimately when I ended up writing out all the saving/loading functions, this is what they did, except specific to my app.


Good suggestion, I think we will provide something similar to this eventually. Stay tuned!