Rendering after device orientation change broken

Whenever something in the layout has changed (e.g. a scrollview has moved or new images has been loaded), rotating the device will show garbage on either the right or the bottom half of the screen. If the screen is rotated back and forth without changing the contents of the layout, it works fine - until the layout is changed again.

This happens both in preview and in compiled versions.

Fuse version: 0.36.1.

OS: macOS.

Device: iPhones and iPads.

Reproduce: Run code, rotate device.

Simplest code to reproduce the problem:

<App Background="Blue">
    <Image Url="" />

Hey booster,

and thanks for reporting! An internal issue has been raised to investigate this further. Will keep you posted.

The fix has been rolled out as part of a 0.37 release and confirmed to be working fine.

This bug seems to have been reintroduced with Fuse 1.1.1 (or earlier, but it’s there now) :frowning:

@booster: Thanks for reporting, I’m able to reproduce this. In fact, seems this has been broken sine fuselibs 0.45. We’ll try to get this fixed in an upcoming release.