Redirect to Phone Settings

Greetings !
I am working on a delivery application, I need the user to enable GPS in order to calculate the distance, from which I calculate the delivery charges per km, I want to redirect the user to the Phone settings if GPS is turned OFF, I tried to find a URI and use fuse “LaunchUri” , but there is no specific URI for. Now I am trying to use Foreign code to do this, but I am not sure this is the right way.
Any Hint please.

I definitely think foreign code is the right way to go here. At least on Android it seems like it should be fairly simple as well. This looks like a good starting point:

@Remi Pedersen , thanks for your reply!
I am new to FuseTools and never experienced using foreign code before, I went through documentation and YouTube Channel videos and tried many times, Each time I get a new error.
Could you please elaborate with an example?

Hi Seddiq,

I believe that learning by doing is a decent approach, so I would suggest you take a look at some ready community projects that deal with native platform APIs. A good starting point could be Fuse Firebase bindings, but you’ll find many more examples if you look around.