Read pdf file to send it in an API

in some part of the app, i want to be able to read a pdf file and send it through an api. is this possible or should i use the uno code ?
thank you in advance.

Perhaps the solution mentioned in this thread could help you with transferring a PDF file.

that is actually 90% of what i wanted. Thank you so much!
would it be annoying if i asked how can i browse the phone storage to get the targeted file path/directory ?
another question on the side, are their any size limitations like, should it be less than 5 MB or something ?

I’m quite certain there indeed are some size limitations. Not necessarily on the client side though; even your backend might have some limits on how much data it can receive by particular transport. This all remains to be tested in your setup.

As for accessing files, use FileSystem module. Keep in mind that apps on iOS and Android have restrictions over what files in what folders they can access.

Got it. Thank you sooo much again, really appreciate it.