reach panel's properties that was clicked

Hi everybody, I have a small problem, investigated your documentation and forums but I can’t solve. Help me, please.

I want to reach User’s name, email etc. properties when relevant panel clicked. I use Users Property like this.

Panels are like this.

but then

        function reach(args)

        this doesn't work and return null. I should use user's name, photo, mail etc other's page.
        I will be very happy if you help me . Thank you very much!

I am sorry, I wrote panels code but It does not appear

    <Each Items="{data1.Users}">
                        <Page Background="#fff" ux:Name="contents" Clicked="{reach}">
<DockPanel Margin="7,1,7,0"> <Circle Height="50" Width="50" Dock="Left" Margin="7,7,0,7" Alignment="TopLeft" > <Image Url="{url}" /> </Circle> <StackPanel Margin="7,3,7,7"> <Text Value="{a_name}" FontSize="16" TextColor="#000" /> <Text Value="{a_mail}" FontSize="12" TextColor="#555" /> </StackPanel> </DockPanel> </Page> </Panel> </Each> </StackPanel>

Try Also try to log what you get like this: console.log(JSON.stringify(args));

It works, thank you very much!