Push Notifications Stopped Working?

Have Push Notifications stopped working in version 1.5? Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I just noticed that it doesn’t seem to be registering any more. This used to work (I think…).

This is on my Windows 10 machine
Fuse version 1.5.0 (build 15046)

I expect to see the registration succeeded callback message, but I just get the one at the top of the file (‘Setting up push notifications’)…

Here’s the .unoproj file:

  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [
  "Android": {
    "Package": "a.valid.package",
    "GooglePlay": {
      "SenderID": "a valid id"

Here’s MainView.ux:

    <JavaScript File="MainView.js"/>
		    <Text Value="Test"/>

Here’s MainView.js:

var push = require("FuseJS/Push");

console.log('setting up push notifications');

var registration_token = "";

push.on("registrationSucceeded", function(regID) {
    console.log("Reg Succeeded: " + regID);
    registration_token = regID;

push.on("error", function(reason) {
    console.log("Reg Failed: " + reason);
    fetch_result.value = {
	    message: reason,
	    opacity: "1"

push.on("receivedMessage", function(payload) {
    console.log("Received Push Notification: " + payload);

I tried this in Fuse 1.4.0 (build 14778), but it also doesn’t work. That suggests it’s not a change in Fuse that is the problem. I wonder if you could check whether you can get it to work on your end. That way at least I’d know if it is a general problem (maybe something changed with Firebase/gcm?) or if it is specific to something I’m doing.

I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with Push notifications implementation in Fuse. Most likely, it’s either your device, or your projects’ configuration on Play store.

Try uninstalling the app (build, preview, …) completely from the phone, toggle notifications on and of in permissions, and you’ll likely get it to work eventually. Make sure to check the configuration on Google side, too.

Hi Uldis, Before, I could swear that I was getting the ‘registration succeeded’ message when I was running my app in emulation mode in Windows 10, which is not currently happening.

However, I see that when I actually deploy my app to an Android phone, then I do get the ‘registration succeeded’ message.

So I am uncertain now if I am just misremembering how things were working before or if something really has changed… Does it make sense that I would not receive the ‘registration succeeded’ message in emulation mode and only when the app is deployed to a device?

I’m fully certain that only actual physical devices can register with push services. And it has always been like that.

That makes sense - I must have just got myself confused! Thanks!