Problem loading Flickr image using JSON data

Hello – I’m building an app that loads random images of skies from around the world using JSON from Flickr API. I can’t seem to get the image to load into the Image tag.

Is it possible to place observables within Url’s? My sense is that this is where my problem lies.

Here is my code and thanks for any help:


This is not possible:

<Image Url="https://farm{farm}{server}/{id}_{secret}.jpg&quot; />

Instead, do this:

SkyData.add("https://farm&quot; + + "" + skies.server + "/" + + "_" + skies.secret + ".jpg");


<Image Url="{}" />

THANK YOU! It works now. I also want to say thanks for creating Fuse! I’m a visual designer and being able to prototype things so quickly for smartphones is such a gamechanger!

Great to hear! :slight_smile: