Possible bug on Navigation/Each

Fuse Version 0.27.1 Build 7935

I am facing a problem… It seems that Observable leaves a blank space in UI when i change a Page although i tested the Observable to see if it has any null or empty fields but always is filled with the exact number of items i pass to it.

<Panel ux:Name="pageControl">
    <LinearNavigation ux:Name="navigation">
        <NavigationMotion GotoEasing="CircularOut" GotoDuration="0.5" Overflow="Open"/>
    <Each Items="{movieList}">

this is the code that i create the movieCards and when i run it for the

first time :

and every other time or if i navigate to another page and back i see this :

The current information is not much to go on. Can you provide a small reproduction for this issue? (Ideally we’d want to not have to go through a large app) :slight_smile: