Parameter Map

With the introduction of v. 0.33.0, mapping to this.Parameter is not functioning correctly. It is firing multiple times instead of once in this case.

Steps to Recreate:
Checkout the hikr tutorial app:


var Context = require("Modules/Context");

var hike = this.Parameter;

var name = { return; }); //This line fires once with the name
var location = { return x.location; });
var distance = { return x.distance; });
var rating = { return x.rating; });
var comments = { return x.comments; });

var formattedName ={
	console.log(theName); //This line fires twice
	return theName; 

function cancel() {
	// Refresh hike value to reset dependent Observables' values
	hike.value = hike.value;

function save() {
	Context.updateHike(, name.value, location.value, distance.value, rating.value, comments.value);

module.exports = {
	name: name,
	location: location,
	distance: distance,
	rating: rating,
	comments: comments,

	cancel: cancel,
	save: save

Basically the only additions are the formattedName observable (and including the observable in the module.export).
It appears on Windows local preview. In the Hikr app, it fires 2 times. The { return; }); only fires once however.