Observable addAll adds "" to Array

Ho can i get rid of the " when i do a .addAll

  var obs = Observable(0);
  debug_log("Numbets to add: "+listUserIdForLifeFeed.value.toString())
  obs.addAll( listUserIdForLifeFeed.value.toString() )
  var obsArray = obs.toArray(); 
  debug_log("the new numbers: " + JSON.stringify(obsArray))

debug log:

	LOG: Numbets to add: 33,34,211,37,36
	LOG: the new numbers: [0,"33,34,211,37,36"]

Hi Kevin,

you are adding a string to the other Observable. If you want to add all of the numbers from the source Observable, you should instead try this:

obs.addAll( listUserIdForLifeFeed.toArray() )

that give me:

    Source line:   obs.addAll( listUserIdForLifeFeed.value.toArray() )
    JS stack trace: TypeError: listUserIdForLifeFeed.value.toArray is not a function
        at getTimeLineData (MainView.js:704:43)
        at reloadHandler (MainView.js:2145:5)
     in Fuse.Reactive.EventBinding+CallClosure</Users/Kevin/Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Packages/Fuse.Reactive/0.46.1/$.uno:839>

Oh, sorry, my bad. .toArray() is a member function of the Observable, not its value. I have edited my post above to show the correct code.

It’s this: obs.addAll( listUserIdForLifeFeed.toArray() )

That will of course only work if your listUserIdForLifeFeed is an Observable list. If it is a single-value Observable that holds a string, you will need a different approach that splits the string into an array first.