Nested Each with id as key


I’m struggling while trying to iterate through this json response.

I know I need something like the doc example :

<Each Items="{items}">
    <Each Items="{inner}">
        <Text Value="{child}" />

But in my case the inner key is a remote id. Dou you have any idea how to target entries ?

Hi. Can you provide the concrete keys you are trying to get to? Also, what do you mean by remote ids?


The external id are “73762”, “76156”, …

  "data": {
    "73762": {
    "76156": {

You can click on the link in the op to see the full return.

Hi! I looked at the file, but I don’t fully understand what you want to end up with as a result. First glance, it seems to me like you probably need to massage the data in JavaScript before starting to move it to Observables. The data is stored as object keys, not as a list. This will have to be moved using something like object.keys() and iterated like that. You can find information about that here:

Iterating the keys in JavaScript, you can easily add that to an Observable using add

This observable, which you can pretty much choose the format of, can then be bound to using Each and/or nested Each. Keep in mind, tho, that Fuse currently might want you to insert an intermediate Panel to ensure the ordering, as described here:

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks, the data is fetch and parsed as in the newsfeed example.

I’ll try to work around that.

Yeah, the newsfeed example drills into the entries-entry, which is a list, and therefore easier to work with. You need to somehow turn your dictionary-like object into a list, but the first link in my previous post should be helpful in that regard. Let me know if you need additional help.

For this kind of discussion which can get pretty detailed, I also recommend visiting the Fuse Community on Slack.