Need a property or an event on EdgeNavigator to know the state


Is there a property or an event in JS or UX to know the state of EdgeNavigator? I couldn’t seem to find it in the documents.

The thing is in our app there is a control that opens\closes the EdgeNavigator. But the edge navigator also gets closed when the user clicks outside the navigator. So we lose the state of the navigator and the open\close function can not work properly.

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Not directly, but you can use WhileActive on the edge panels.

Thanks for the reply Anders.

I was wrongfully putting the WhileActive directly inside the EdgeNavigator declaration (thinking that it was becoming Active); not inside the EdgeNavigator panel.

Using WhileActive inside the edge panel worked:

  <WhileActive Invert="true">
    <Callback Handler="{closeSideMenu}" />

Thanks again

There is also a WhileInactive trigger, but it’ll trigger at a slightly different time (when it reaches full inactive state). Those triggers also have a Threshold to set when they fire (the default is 1).

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Actually I really don’t understand how Threshold works so I can’t use it. I’m sure things will work smoother if I use these kind of advanced properties :slight_smile:

The active state of the panels is based on a progress. As an edge panel goes from hidden to active it’s progress goes from 0 to 1. The WhileActive.Threshold says at which point does the trigger actually turn on.

Using 0.5 is quite common since it means exactly one trigger will be on at a time across all the pages (useful for coordinating visual effects).

Now I get it! Thanks for the clear explanation.