NavigatorSwipe swiping motion

I’m using like below.
It works well, but has one problem.
It’s navigation motion is always head to a single direction, ‘Left’
( If I swipe a screen to left, then the another screen comes from left,
and If I swipe a screen to right, then the another screen comes from left also.)
How can I handle the motion.?
I saw some solution for this in Examples, but they were using PageController.

	<Navigator DefaultPath="inputPanel">
		<InputPage ux:Template="inputPanel" router="router">
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="list" Direction="Left"/>
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="statistic" Direction="Right"/>
			<WhileActive >
				<Set indicator.LayoutMaster="InputTab" />
				<Set InputTab.Margin="0,5,0,0"/>
				<Set ListTab.Margin="0"/>
				<Set StatisticTab.Margin="0"/>
		<ListPage ux:Template="listPanel" router="router">
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="statistic" Direction="Left"/>
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="input" Direction="Right"/>
			<WhileActive >	
				<Set indicator.LayoutMaster="ListTab" />
				<Set InputTab.Margin="0"/>
				<Set ListTab.Margin="0,5,0,0"/>
				<Set StatisticTab.Margin="0"/>
		<StatisticPage ux:Template="statisticPanel" router="router">
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="input" Direction="Left"/>
			<NavigatorSwipe How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="list" Direction="Right"/>
			<WhileActive >
				<Set indicator.LayoutMaster="StatisticTab" />
				<Set InputTab.Margin="0"/>
				<Set ListTab.Margin="0"/>
				<Set StatisticTab.Margin="0,5,0,0"/>

Hi ,

there is Transition to handle varying transitions in a Navigator. There is a comprehensive example available for it too.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much!!