NativeViewHost and WebView unable to draw on some phones

Solution: Not a bug, it is limitations with, made my own pdf viewer with PDF.js, works like a charm now. The reason for it working on my phone must be due to cahinge of data.

Fuse version 0.20.3 (build 6549) OS : OSX 10.11.3 / Windows 10 Pro (updated within 1 week)

<Panel ux:Class="DokumentView">
    <Router ux:Dependency="router" />
    <JavaScript File="DokumentView.js" />
            <WebView Dock="Fill" Url="{FileURI}" />

This works on my Android Sony Xperia Z3 It does not work on a Note 4. I tested on a Marshall phone, and here is the error and version information of the phone.

EDIT: Tested on a samsung galaxy tab 10, same error there.


this is the url passed to the Webview:{FileURI} So actually the webview does show, but the page does not render the pdf-file. Opening the whole url manually in chrome or “nettleser” app does work and the pdf is rendered.

EDIT3: Looks like it has to to with security permissions on the server i am hosting pdf files on. Currently looking for a solution.

error message version info android

Not sure if this is a bug.