Move Animation with StateGroup



As you can see in clip from vimeo,
White panel have a three state.

  1. Hidden at Y=“100%”
  2. Shown at Y=“70%”
  3. Shown at Y=“0%”
    (exactly, not using ‘Percent’ value)

There is no problem with sequential progress(1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1).
However, the problem occurs if it is not sequential.

I expect when click a show panel button, the white panel move to step2, after switching from step3 to step1 immediately.
But in my code, It’s not. white panel move to step3 directly.

How could i solve it?


I found solution ‘SetSwipeActive’. When Click button, add this

<SetSwipeActive Target="swipeUp" Value="false" />

But, is it a right approach on UX side?


It is a bit hard to understand what was going wrong, but using SetSwipeActive is quite standard, so if it works for you i think you’ve found an OK solution. I’ll mark this ticket as resolved for now :slight_smile: