Match/Case has to be commented for the project to build


I have a pretty big .ux file, and in the middle of this I have a Match/Case. When I try to run the project (fuse preview), I get the following errors :

Build stage changed: Compiling syntax tree
# Compiling syntax tree
/Users/engu/form/.build/Simulator/Local11/Cache/GeneratedCode/,26): E2009: Call to 'MainView.Factory1.Factory(MainView.Factory1.Factory.Factory1)' has some invalid arguments (MainView.Factory1)
/Users/engu/form/.build/Simulator/Local11/Cache/GeneratedCode/,27,198,44): Error E2009: Call to 'MainView.Factory1.Factory(MainView.Factory1.Factory.Factory1)' has some invalid arguments (MainView.Factory1)

I need to remove the <Case>s (the <Match> doesn’t need to be removed), run the project then put it back and wait for the live refresh.

Extract of the code :

<Each Items="{fields}">
        <Text Value="{tooltip}" />
        <Match Value="{type}">
            <Case String="Text">
                <TextInput Value="{value}" />
            <Case String="Image">
                <Text TextAlignment="Center" FontSize="100" Value="Back" />


Thanks for the report.

Some related bugs has already been fixed internally and will roll out in the next release. Let us know if the problem perists after next release. Thanks.

Problem persists in 0.9.4 with deep nested <Each>, but has been fixed for 0.9.5

Thanks !