|-mark in url breaks fetch on iOS

Yep, and I need it to work. The API I’m using for my project use that mark to separate properties from url. This only happens in iOS. Works great in Android and desktop previews and DotNetExe.

Here’s an example app:

<App Theme="Basic">


        module.exports.FetchData = function()
            var response_ok = false;

            //DOESN'T WORK
            //var url = "https://www.apexvj.com/upload/test.php?prop=ext|img&i=Ball&quot;;

            // WORKS
            var url = "https://www.apexvj.com/upload/test.php?prop=ext&i=Ball&quot;;

            console.log("Fetch url "+url);

            fetch(url, {
                method: 'POST',
                headers: {  "Content-type": "application/json" }
            }).then(function(response) {

                    console.log("response is OK");

                    console.log("false http response : "+response.status);

            }).catch(function(err) {
                // An error occured 
                console.log("error : "+err);


    <Button Clicked="{FetchData}" Text="Fetch" Alignment="Center" />


Does it work if you write [https://www.apexvj.com/upload/test.php?prop=ext%7Cimg&i=Ball](https://www.apexvj.com/upload/test.php?prop=ext%7Cimg&i=Ball) as a workaround?

Yes, seems to be working.