Make Child Element Height same as Screen Height

i want to make the children element in a nested tree to be same as screen height

For Example
i want the rectangle with the name of _nestedChild to get height same as Device Screen Height
right now it has the same height of _parent

	<Panel ux:Name="_parent" Height="50" Width="70%" Margin="0,50,0,0">
		<Rectangle Layer="Background">
				<SolidColor Color="#000" />

		<Rectangle ux:Name="_nestedChild" Height="100%" Width="100%" Color="Blue" />

it would be greet if fuse has something like position:fixed like css

Thanks in advance

Hi Mohammed,

sorry for a delayed response.

By default, a StackPanel tries to take up as little space as possible. So to solve your issue, get rid of the enclosing StackPanel.

Hi UIdis

Thanks for you response. finally i did what it wanted to do using AlternateRoot