LocalStorage size limit


Normally browser has size limit for local storage, is it the same case for the fuse? How much is the limit (for iOS and Android)? Is there any way to configure the limit?

If there is no limit, is there any performance impact if the size is too big (and what is the optimum size)?


Hi… :slight_smile:

Fuse does not impose any strict limit for this and AFAIK neither do Android or iOS.

Naturally the app is limited to whatever free space remains on the device, and IO performance could be affected when there’s very little free space. However this depends on the device.

Is this just a general question, or does it apply to some specific use case where this would be a concern?


Glad to hear that. Coming from browser environment, local storage has been limited by browser implementation, I just thought if it has similar limitation I might need to consider different approach to handle larger data set. Since fuse doesn’t put any limitation, I’d be happy to use it with no worry.
Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s great, welcome to the exciting world of Fuse development.