Local Preview Not Working

Local preview not working… it shows only black screen… even I have used only the text tag with white color. Checked the Graphic card driver and it is showing the Drivers are UPTO date.

GL_Version:2.1.0 - Build
GL_Vendor: Intel
GL_Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics

Hi, does this happen to any project, or just one in particluar? Can you please try to create a default example fuse create example and see if it’s affected?

If the default example looks fine, but your project does not, we’ll have too see some more code to figure it out.

Please also include you Fuse and operating system versions.

Hi, im new to using fuse and I have the same problem with local preview not working. these are the results

# Build complete.

Output:    GL_VERSION: 1.1.0
Output:    GL_VENDOR: Microsoft Corporation
Output:    GL_RENDERER: GDI Generic

thank you.

On windows 10 fuse version 0.21

aryeecarl, it seems like you need to update your graphics card drivers.

Hello Anders Schau Knatten,

I have tried “fuse create example” by command line and it created an example project. After preview command I receive following

Fuse 0.21.0 (build 6650) Build started: FullCompile Configuring (4.06s) Compiling syntax tree (2.18s) Generating code and data (9.32s)

Build completed in 15.59 seconds Build ended GL_VERSION: 2.1.0 - Build GL_VENDOR: Intel GL_RENDERER: Intel® HD Graphics

BUT No LOCAL PREVIEW of the project. Getting same black screen.

Can you please check that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed?

If that doesn’t help, we’d need some info about your operating system version and the hardware you’re running on.