LineSpacing bug

SM-N910S (Android OS V 5.1.1) Change the value of LineSpacing, but it does not reflect on the screen.

Can you please give a bit more context for this issue? What did you do? What did you see? What did you expect?

I wanted to change the height of the row of character.

line-height: 100;

in this way.

<Text ux:Class="Body" Font="NotoSansKR_Thin" FontSize="14" TextColor="#fff" TextWrapping="Wrap" LineSpacing="100"/>

It reacted instantly on the preview Local. However, the test device, did not change.

Could you update other properties? Like font size?

This property has simply not been wired up on Android, it seems. I’ve created an internal ticket, and written a patch that should fix it. So hopefully, we’ll have this fixed soon. Sorry for the slip-up!

@Anders Bondehagen, Yes

OK, this has been fixed, and the fix should be included in the 0.9.6 release.

Sorry to re-open this but I’m having the same issue with my android device.


Local preview looks good but on my device has no effect. I have a Note7

Local preview looks good but on my device has no effect. I have a Note7

I just gave it a try on Android, and it works fine for me (I don’t have a Note 7 to test on, but I’d be surprised if this was device-dependent). Can you provide an example where it breaks?

It just won’t work on my device. I had to do


To actually create the effect of LineSpace

Javier: I think you’ll need to post some more code, there might be some surrounding code that leads to this behaviour as well. Can you create a small test case that reproduces the issue that our devs can take a look at?