line break in Java script, using TextView

I’ve go a long text with addresses which I would like to display in TextViews. I’m using TextWrapping property to automatically break into a bit more readable sections.
I would like to manually insert line breaks in my java script, the only way to achive this is to use “\n”. But when using this the new line gets a text indent, any suggestions how I can make a line break?

Hi Patrik,

the indent is coming right from your text editor - it’s the Tab (or spaces?) at the beginning of each line. You can either put it all on one line with the “\n”, or you can break the neat indentation in editor and align the whole JSON thing to the very left, so there are no tabs or spaces.

Another option is to do a little JavaScript preprocessing (regular expressions are your friend) before you data-bind the text for showing in UX, but that’s likely an overkill.

Hope this helps!