IsReadOnly attribute in TextInput is ignored

Fuse version 1.7.3 (build 15528)


iOS preview

According to documentation here:

I expect that TextInput should be read only if I specify IsReadOnly attribute to true and user should not be able to edit text.

Also keyboard should not appear on the screen when I focus on read only text input.

But I can edit text anyway.

Code which reproduces issue:

        var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');
        module.exports = {
            isReadOnly: true,
            isReadOnlyObs: Observable(true),
            inputOneText: Observable("xxx"),
            inputTwoText: Observable("yyy"),
            inputThreeText: Observable("zzz")
        <StackPanel Padding="10" Dock="Left">
            <TextInput Value="{inputOneText}" IsReadOnly="true"/>
            <TextInput Value="{inputTwoText}" IsReadOnly="{isReadOnly}"/>
            <TextInput Value="{inputThreeText}" IsReadOnly="{isReadOnlyObs}"/>
        <StackPanel Padding="10" Dock="Right">
            <Text Value="{inputOneText}"/>
            <Text Value="{inputTwoText}"/>
            <Text Value="{inputThreeText}"/>


I found similar issue and left a reference to your post.