is it possible to reuse views for collection/table type views?

I’d like to be able to reuse views for visualizing data dynamically similar to pinterest, cover flow (in iTunes) or even a table. On iOS you have examples like UICollectionViewCell and UITableViewCell, then on Android you have the RecyclerView.

I am aware that it’s possible to use a StackPanel with a ScrollView and just add views to the StackPanel but my concern is that once I’m attempting to display hundreds of entries, there may be performance issues.

Is there a way to support something like this available in fuse? if not do you have any suggestions on how to create it without requiring implementation of Foreign Code for each platform?

Thank you in advance for any feedback or assistance in finding a solution.


View recycling is a feature we are working on. I cant share any ETA yet. The ScrollView and StackPanel combo should be able to show long lists, but its performance might depend on what you are displaying.

Have you tried using ScrollView and StackPanel for your case?