Is it possible to integrate the facebook sdk without hard work?

Is it possible to integrate the facebook sdk without hard work?

Hey Limzee!

We are working on creating examples showing how to use third-party SDKs with Fuse, and the plan is that the Facebook SDK will eventually be among them.

With some work it is already possible to use many SDKs, but Facebook is tricky because it provides its own UI controls. To make using it smooth we have to figure out how to integrate UI controls provided by third parties into our UX trees, which is something we don’t have support for yet.

So the short answer is: not yet, but we’re working on it. :slight_smile:

What’s the status on this? Logging in with the native FB SDKs is the only barrier I can see to switching my buisness to Fuse.

We’re getting there slowly. A bunch of users are working on using third party frameworks, and we’re working with them to fix any issues they encounter. Notably, bolav is working on getting FB login to work out in the open, and you can follow the progress here:

I hear it’s not quite there yet, but at least on iOS it shouldn’t be far off. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Bolav says it works for iOS. :smiley:

When do you think you have a complete example of this? We are alose in the edge of switching to fuse becuse of this =) thank you!

Any update on this yet? was hoping to see this feature in your latest release

If all you need is login, there is a complete example here.

As mentioned above, Bolav has an example that works on iOS here.

Android is blocked by our not supporting .aar files. It might be possible to hack around this issue by unpacking the .jar files from the .aars, but it won’t be pretty. Our solution to this will be to support the Gradle build system. We already have preliminary support for that when building in debug mode, and I’ve raised the priority of our issue regarding full support for it.