iOS add .tbd Libraries

Im trying to import some standard libs into my iOS build (libstdc++.6.tbd and libiconv.tbd).

I tried Require(“Xcode.Framework”, “libstdc++.6.tbd”] and Require(“Xcode.Framework”, “libstdc++.6”] which doesn’t work because they are no Frameworks.

Is there a way to include this libs?

You can probably just link normally against libstdc++. You can add extra linker arguments by for example:

extern(iOS) class MyClass { }

Also, we already link to libstdc++. What are you trying to achieve?

Actually, we link to libc++ on iOS, not libstdc++. Linking in an additional C++ standard library will only lead to problems.

Im integrating GStreamer into uno. It is working when I manually add “libstdc++.6.tbd” and “libiconv.tbd” and add the build flag “-lresolv” but every time Im building with uno the xcode settings are removed.