Inconsistent button on iOS(When pressing the edges of a button)

I edited this whole post out after doing some more research. This problem occurs on both iOS and Android. I’ve created a new project with three buttons with different scaling factors, 1, 0.8 and 0.5, and all buttons have a WhilePressed gesture with a Clicked Handler each.

It seems like the Clicked handler dosen’t register the “Click” on the buttons with scale factors <1. Because the scale factor transforms the width & height of the element, the click is no longer within the element on it’s release, which results in the Clicked handler not being called.

It seems like this works as intended, so this should probably not be in the Bug Reports section.

The question then is how would you go forward with adding a scaling effect to a button that has a Clicked handler, making it register the click, regardless of the scaling effect?

The project used for testing on iOS & Android; The uploaded .zip archive dosen’t show up, but here’s the direct link instead:


Okay, you want the Button to scale but keep it’s original hit box, sort of.

You can acheive this with a surrounding panel that receives the actual WhilePressed and Clicked events:

        <Scale Target="thebutton" Factor="0.9" />
    <Clicked Handler="handler" />
    <Button ux:Name="thebutton" />