Include .ux files in fuse 0.12.4

Hi, i’am new to fuse and i’am really like it for develop mobiles applications. but i have some problems. how can i include a .ux files and acces to it when user make an action (tapped, clicked or other). this is my UX code.

how can i include a external .ux file into a MainView.ux under an action like

nedd help. thanks

the MainView.ux

the external ux file


Sorry for my poor englis level, i’am a francophone. thanks for all

Welcome to this forum. Where you won’t get any help from devs but will just a link poorly done example from their website. I have been trying exact same thing past week. good luck if there’s a help provided.

Hey there! I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the what you’re trying to do exactly. Would you be able to elaborate a bit for me?

If it’s simply to include the PayNow code in your MainView.ux file, you should only have to use <ux:Include File="PayNow.ux" /> in MainView.ux. In terms of accessing its environment, the code from PayNow.ux will simply be inlined where your ux:Include tag is inside MainView.ux, so everything that’s visible at that position will effectively be visible in PayNow.ux (unless of course you include the page in another context, in which case ux:Include probably isn’t the right mechanism, but some of the stuff coming in our next major release will address this case).

@krispassa: sorry to hear you feel you don’t get any help. You seem to be in the minority though, as you can probably see by the general activity level on the forum and on our Slack community. :slight_smile: That said, it’s not always possible to answer to every single post in a timely fashion, especially not those which contain questions which have been asked and answered many times earlier. Please let me know which example on our website you found to be poorly done and let me know what was bad about it, and I’ll make sure we improve it for you.

Thanks @Jake, it’s work like a charm.

Great to hear :slight_smile: