Images from Amazon S3

I’ve working a brand new app for a food platform. We are working with open source parse-server and the images are hosted on Amazon S3.

<HttpImageSource Url="">    </HttpImageSource>

However, this does not work as expected. In Fuse Monitor I receive the following message:

LOG: InternalError: ImageSource error: text/plain in Fuse.Resources.HttpImageSourceImpl</Users/Mitesh/Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Packages/Fuse.Elements/0.42.4/resources/$.uno:608>

Is this an Amazon configuration issue or something I need to work with on the Fuse side of things?

There was a previous thread (about a year ago) for working with Parse but it seems outdated.
Can anyone help?

It looks like the server is returning text instead of an image, could it be wrong permissions? Try to print out the image as text and see what it says.

Just tested it and it seems to work now, did you change anything on the server?

Yes, you are absolutely right (and perhaps this will help another user).

The uploaded images had the type metadata set to “text/plain” instead of “image/jpeg”.
I used the Amazon CLI (aws s3 cp) to batch update our files on the bucket several hours ago.

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A little extra information

We are using Parse-Server on top of Node, and Parse-Server provides a nifty file adapter that uses S3 (rather than storing blobs on MongoDB), we didn’t realize that at some point the mime types changed. Now we will try to figure out if this is a browser thing or Parse thing and we will fix it so future uploads do not need manual intervention.