I need to restrict input type in TextFieldFormsy

I need to restrict the input type in TextFieldFormsy.
I want that user can only input a number which length is 10 like a mobile number.
i tried but finding a solution for that.

I am new in Fuse And react please help…!

Hi @prabhunath and welcome as one of us fusers i created this component i hope it helps you

<Panel ux:Class="InputItems"    Background="#fff" Margin="0,5,0,5" IsReadOnly="false">

<string ux:Property="FieldIcon" />

<string ux:Property="Value" /> 

<string ux:Property="TextCenter" /> 

<string ux:Property="InputHint" /> 

<bool ux:Property="IsReadOnly" />

<int ux:Property="MaxLength"/> 

<string ux:Property="PlaceholderText" />     

    <StackPanel ItemSpacing="10" >

        <TextBox TextAlignment="{ReadProperty TextCenter}" IsReadOnly="{ReadProperty IsReadOnly}"

         HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren" InputHint="{ReadProperty InputHint}" FontSize="13" 

         PlaceholderText="{ReadProperty PlaceholderText}" Padding="10"  PlaceholderColor="LighterTextColor"

          TextColor="DarkerTextColor" CaretColor="#000" MaxLength="{Property MaxLength}"  Value="{Property Value}"  /> 




exemple use this component in field number phone

`<InputItems   ux:Name="Phone"   Value="{Phone}" PlaceholderText="Phone" MaxLength="10" InputHint="Phone"/>`