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how to parse JSON thanks

To parse JSON, you use Uno.Data.Json. It is unfortunately not very well documented yet, but here’s a small example:

        public static List<Song> Deserialize(string data)
            var json = JsonReader.Parse(data);
            var songs = new List<Song>();
            for (int i=0; i<json["songs"].Count; i++)
                var s = json["songs"][i];
                songs.Add(new Song(s["id"].AsInteger(), s["votes"].AsInteger(), s["artist"].AsString(), s["title"].AsString()));
            return songs;

Here’s some example JSON that is parsed by that function:

    "songs": [
        {"id":"1", "votes":"3", "artist":"120 Days", "title":"Lucid Dreams"},
        {"id":"2", "votes":"2", "artist":"A-ha", "title":"The Sun Always Shines On TV"},
        {"id":"3", "votes":"1", "artist":"A-Trak", "title":"Say Whoa"}