How to text ellipsis

Is there something similar like css text ellipsis or iOS NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail (after iOS 7.x) to display 3 points if the text is too long?

Ok, this is working by default on iOS 9.x with non wrapping texts. Is there a way to do it with wrapping text?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the difference between TextWrapping=NoWrap and TextWrapping=Wrap is. When TextWrapping is NoWrap, we set the lineBreakMode to NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail. And when TextWrapping is Wrap, we set the lineBreakMode to NSLineBreakByWordWrapping. There is no setting in the iOS TextKit APIs to do both word-wrap and truncate.

That being said, we have plans to rewrite the iOS text renderer to use CoreText instead of TextKit, and that might change the situation.